Our Services

CROCHEM offers Custom Research and Manufacturing Services to various Pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Our business model includes chemistry support from grams to commercial scale.

  • Contract Research (FTE- Full Time Equivalent)
  • Custom Synthesis (FFS- Fee For Service)
  • Contract Manufacturing

CROCHEM values the customers' Intellectual property. Strict adherence to Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDA)/Non-disclosure of customer information is strictly ensured between us and the prospective customers to protect all the relevant information. We have technical expertise and infrastructure in place to deliver diverse chemistries from technology development to commercial scale. Our project portfolio includes:

  • Custom Research
  • Medicinal chemistry -Libraries
  • API Intermediates
  • Advanced Intermediates
  • Specialty Molecules
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Impurities/ Reference standards
  • Analytical development and validations